Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Gower Power supports agriculture projects to set up and develop, such as community supported agriculture (CSA) and producer co-ops, which aim to be more ecologically sustainable than most conventional forms of food production. We believe that the local economy and the environment are far better off if food is produced and consumed locally minimising the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides, transport and packaging.

A recent example of our work is a crowd funding campaign we recently ran for various bits of infrastructure for Cae Tan CSA and a sheep co-op that are both based at our 15 acre small-holding in Ilston. The funds we raised have developed the infrastructure to provide more organic veg, and lamb, and also help Cae Tan to continue working with local schools, the unemployed and disadvantaged groups that don't have easy access to the outdoors. You can find out more about the campaign clicking the button below.

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Cae Tan CSA is expanding production of organic vegetables to provide for 100 households this year. If you are interested in becoming a member and getting delicious seasonal weekly veg, then please contact Tom and/or visit the Cae Tan website or watch the short documentary below to find out more

We will be supporting other community supported agriculture schemes to set up and develop over the next few years, as well as supporting existing local producers to market their produce locally. If you are a local producer and would like us to advertise your produce to our members, please get in touch.

What is Cae Tan CSA?

Cae Tan is a community supported agriculture (CSA) initiative based in Ilston, Gower, Wales. CSA is a growing movement in the UK, initiated in Japan and now thriving in parts of Europe. The basic idea is to reinvigorate local sustainable food networks, by rebuilding the relationships between consumer, farmer and land. Cae Tan is a member of Gower Power Co-op CIC whose aim is to empower small scale local ownership of food, energy generation and the means of exchange, ultimately leading to a more sustainable society.

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