Why We Do It :

We are confident that the following statements, which we believe to be true, are well worth doing something about…

The economy – The existing economic system favours irresponsible behaviour; it promotes unsustainable growth that leads to financial peaks and troughs that exacerbate the distance between rich and poor.

The environment – Climate change is one of the greatest threats to the future of our civilisation. Biodiversity is diminishing at an alarming rate and this will be of great detriment to humankind.

Food / energy security – The UK imports a significant amount of its food and energy. Given that the majority of the farming and transport infrastructure on the planet is dependant on a stable supply of oil, if we lose easy access to oil, we will be in a right old mess.

Rural employment – there are not enough opportunities to earn a living from a land-based livelihood. Earning a living working in harmony with the land, is something our generation and future generations should be striving towards.

We also think we have the perfect combination of business skills, strategic insight, values and principles, with a little dash of madness, to succeed in addressing these issues and supporting others to do so too.

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Gowerpower.coop provides a wide range of benefits for members, the community and the environment. Our membership is open to anybody who wants to support us to realize our mission.