How do I switch?

Simply register your details here and answer a few short questions to confirm eligibility. 
Ecotricity will be in touch within 48 hrs to provide a quote and complete the switching process.

If I switch, will I become a customer of Gower Power, or of Ecotricity?

You will become both our customers. Any electricity we can’t generate at our solar farm or store in our batteries will be topped up by Ecotricity with 100% renewables. They will also provide all the billing and customer services.

I have found a cheaper green tariff.  Why should I opt for Gower Power?

It appears most the forward-thinking businesses in our community would not accept anything but a green tariff, and often they then want to find the cheapest one. We invite you to dig a bit deeper… 
There are many tariffs on the market that are not as green as they claim they are. Some are complete greenwash. We have written a couple of blogs to demystify this and hope you can see the benefits, switch to local energy and help us educate others:
We think it is worth spending a little bit more so that you know you are minimising the ecological footprint of the energy your business uses.
In addition, if we make any surpluses we’ll reinvest those locally, and your business will be able to have a say in how those surpluses are spent.
The natural world and your community are worth it!!! 

Why is switching good for my business?

It is becoming increasingly likely that your customers and employees expect you to behave as responsibly as possible with regard to the environment and your community. 
Switching to Gower Power is something that you can be proud of as you will be reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll also be helping more renewables get online and you’ll know that your local energy company is reinvesting any surplus it makes in your community. 
We’d be delighted to help you communicate that to your customers and also give you a special shout out through our social media channels as soon as you switch to us.

Is the supply stable and long-term?

Yes, we’ve partnered a licensed supplier Ecotricity so we can ensure you’ll always have electricity whenever you need it. Whenever we aren’t generating or don’t have enough electricity stored in our batteries, they will top up your supply with 100% renewables. There will be no interruption, you’ll only notice when we send you breakdown of your energy use showing you how much of your energy was locally produced.

Does switching to a green tariff really have an impact on our carbon footprint?

It definitely has some impact on your business’ carbon footprint. How much of an impact obviously depends on what your business does and how big a proportion of your carbon footprint is made up by your electricity use. If you are looking to do the right thing and reduce your environmental impact, switching to a local energy supply is definitely a good place to start, and something your employees and customers will be pleased to hear about. 

How does switching to a locally produced green energy help my local community?

When our business starts making some surpluses, we’ll be inviting our local customers to have a say in how those surpluses are spent. This might mean discounted bills or our customers might decide to support other community projects.
Some of the types of things Gower Power has supported in the past through other renewable energy projects are listed here:

Are there any exit fees?

No, there are no exit fees and no hidden costs. 

Will we need a smart meter? Does it matter how many phases our supply is?

Yes, you will need a smart meter or alternative device so that we can match the energy we generate and store with the energy your business uses. 
Once you fill in the eligibility questionnaire, Ecotricity will be in touch to discuss your business’ energy needs and your existing set up.

Is there a dual fuel option?

Yes, one of the reasons we chose to partner Ecotricity is because they can supply carbon-neutralised gas, which as far as we are aware is the greenest gas option available. We know that lots of businesses like a dual fuel option, so we’ve made that available.

I still have some questions, who can I contact?

Please contact Ecotricity and let them know it is a Gower enquiry. or call 0345 600 1994
They’re open Mon to Thu 08:30-17:00 and Fri 08:30-16:00