How do I switch?

Simply register your details here and answer a few short questions to confirm eligibility.

Ecotricity will be in touch within 48 hrs to provide a quote and complete the switching process.

If I switch, will I become a customer of Gower Power, or of Ecotricity?

You will become both a Gower Power customer and an Ecotricity customer. Any electricity we can’t generate at our solar farm or store in our batteries will be topped up by Ecotricity with 100% renewables. They will also provide all the billing and customer services.

How long will it take to switch, and what does the process involve?

As soon as you sign up to switch, you will immediately become an Ecotricity customer, subject to the terms of release from your existing supplier. 
Our team will do some technical checks to determine what type of smart meter or ‘in-home device’ needs to be installed at your home for us to be able to supply you with our local energy.
Our meter install partner will then be in touch within a few weeks to give you some optional install dates. Once the device is installed, we will immediately start supplying you with local energy.

I have found a cheaper green tariff.  Why should I opt for Gower Power?

It appears most the forward-thinking folk in our community would not accept anything but a green tariff, and often they then want to find the cheapest one. We invite you to dig a bit deeper… 
There are many tariffs on the market that are not as green as they claim they are. Some are greenwash. We have written a couple of blogs to demystify this and hope you can see the benefits, switch to our local energy and help us educate others:
We think it is worth spending a little bit more so that you know you are minimising the ecological footprint of the energy you use at home.
In addition, if we make any surplus we’ll reinvest that locally, and you will be able to have a say in how that surplus is spent.
The natural world and your community are worth it!!! 

How does switching to locally produced green energy help my local community?

When our business starts making a surplus, we’ll be inviting our local customers to have a say in how that surplus is spent. This might mean discounted bills or our customers might decide to support other community projects.
Some of the types of things Gower Power has supported in the past through other renewable energy projects are listed here:

Are there any exit fees?

No, there are no exit fees and no hidden costs. 

Do I need a smart meter? What if I already have one?

Yes, you will need a smart meter or a similar in-home device so that we can match the energy we generate and store with the energy you use. 
If you already have a meter, we might be able to use that one. If we can’t, we’ll either replace it for free or link another device to it. 

Is there a dual fuel option?

We know that lots of people like a dual fuel option, so we’ve made that available.
One of the reasons we chose to partner Ecotricity is because they can supply carbon-neutralised gas, which as far as we are aware is the greenest gas option available. 

I have an electric vehicle, are there preferential rates for EV charging?

This is another reason why we have teamed up with Ecotricity. With Ecotricity’s Fully Charged bundle you can do that while saving money on your home electricity bill.
Powering your home and your car with Fully Charged, you’ll save up to £109 in your first year! And you’ll be able to use the Ecotricity Electric Highway charging stations all over Britain – there are over 300 of them – so you’ll never have to worry about range anxiety either.

I live outside of Swansea, can I still switch?

Not to Gower Power, sorry, but we do recommend you check out what Ecotricity can offer in your area.

I still have some questions, who can I contact?

Please call 0808 123 0 123 or email with “Gower quote” in the subject line.