Community Energy Together

Community Energy Together (CET)

CET has five member societies: Shropshire and Telford Community Energy, Kent Community Energy, Yealm Community Energy, Wight Community Energy, and Gower Power. The five societies are committed to working together and supporting each other for the benefit of all.

Our partnership is buying seven operational solar farms, with a total generation capacity of around 36 megawatts. The solar farms will save around 317,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over their lifetimes and supply the equivalent of 12,750 homes. The total solar portfolio will add 20% to the total of community owned solar in England and Wales.

By being part of CET each member society is part of a larger, supportive family, working together to get the best out of all our projects and maximising the surplus we can devote to community benefits. It’s an innovative model that enables us to reduce legal and financial transaction costs and to support each other in the event of any one organisation having financial or technical difficulties.

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