Switch to local green energy with our sister company Gower Electric Co.

Gower Electric Co started life as part of Gower Power and is now growing as an independent Community Interest Company.

Gower Electric Co is the only local green energy provider in Gower and Swansea, delivering locally produced green energy straight to your homes and ploughing profits back into your local community.

To switch please visit their website at www.gowerelectric.co.uk or click the link below.

  • Produced by Swansea-based community-owned solar farm and storage facility 
  • 100% renewable energy 100% of the time with Ecotricity partnership
  • Have a say in how surplus is shared:
    • Money off your bill?
    • Support local community projects? 

More reasons to switch to Gower Electric Co’s local energy tariff TODAY 

  • 100% green power for your home – dual fuel option available
  • Join a community of people supporting local causes
  • Excellent customer service provided by Ecotricity 
  • Switching is easy
  • Easy to understand billing 
  • You can pay by direct debit 
  • No exit fees

This project is part funded by Welsh Government through the European Regional Development Fund.

Project Partners

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  • To switch follow the link above... For Gower Power news use the form below