Buy your Power from Gower

If you live in or around Swansea/Gower, you can now buy clean energy generated right here on the Gower peninsula!

You may be aware of Gower Regeneration Ltd, a community benefit society which set up the first community-owned solar farm in Wales.  The 6 acre solar farm attracted 415 investors who purchased over £900,000 worth of shares and the project won the 2017 Community Renewable Energy Project Award winners for:

The most commendable sustainable electricity generation project undertaken by a community group across Wales and England.”

You now have the exciting opportunity to purchase clean electricity generated by this farm!  Only 300 households can be signed up, via registering interest on the Gower Power website here.  For this offer we are using the services of Bristol Energy Ltd. They will handle the technicalities of the switching, the billing etc so you can Buy Clean Power from Gower!  The deal means you will receive 100% clean, green electricity. Power produced by Gower Regeneration will be fed onto the local grid, and if the demand from its customers is ever too great, top-ups from other genuinely clean, renewable sources will keep your power flowing.

At Gower Power we are all about keeping money local; encouraging local people to buy local produce and support local businesses.  We ran a survey a year ago which confirmed that people are fed up with paying huge sums to energy companies which don’t deliver benefits to local communities.  People want to stop cash leaking out of the local economy. So the opportunity to buy clean, green locally produced electricity is a real winner!  And that’s not all.  As a community benefit society, Gower Regeneration has to spend all its surplus on local community projects.

Register your interest for this offer here.  Bristol Energy will be in touch to provide quotes, further info and keep you informed.  We hope you’ll decide to sign up and join our local energy revolution.

Buy Clean Energy Today

This project is backed by Welsh Government through European Regional Development Funds.

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