Funds for Kindness in Crisis: Swansea Wellbeing Centre’s “Cocoon”

Community Benefit Funds from the Brynwhilach solar farm are being used to help tackle the Covid-19 crisis and support positive projects run by local businesses.

The local community has been so generous with time, expertise and cash.  We wanted to recognise this goodwill and kindness in our funding decisions, by supporting projects that bring voluntary efforts together with local fundraising.

The popular, Uplands-based Swansea Wellbeing Centre, offering various treatments and classes including exercise, meditation and counselling, has moved their services online.  A special community support programme, Cocoon, offers free sessions to anyone who is struggling with isolation, illness or stress, while a Crowdfunder invites people to “pay it forward” if they can.  Donors can receive great value rewards in return for pledges to the campaign.  Gower Power will match some of the cash raised.

“Making sure people on low incomes can access support at this difficult time is really important,” said John Whiten, a Gower Power Board member, “so we’re really grateful to all these fantastic practitioners for offering these services.  The range on offer is brilliant, in both Cocoon and the standard online programme.  Anyone can benefit from some exercise and relaxation, particularly now.  We hope this is a really successful Crowdfunder.”

Lucy Heavens, Centre Director of The Swansea Wellbeing Centre says,

“Mental health and physical wellbeing is an urgent priority. This is an excruciating time for many people. 

“Our Cocoon project is a lifeline for community members who have found themselves isolated. We have been moved by the response.  Everyone is welcome to access this support.”

Our community benefit funds are created when people buy locally-produced, 100% green electricity or buy shares in local green projects.  Thanks to local people who choose to invest and purchase differently, supporting local, ethical schemes, we are able to fund kindness in this crisis.

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