Glastir Grant success at last

Ilston reforestation

Ilston Reforestation Project

We have finally had approval for a long awaited grant. The Glastir Scheme, which ends at the end of this financial year, will be providing us with our own patch of native woodland. We will be planting hundreds of trees, bushes and shrubs along the West and North West boundary of the site at Ilston.

We have a team at the ready to do all the fencing work and now need to assemble a team of willing volunteers to get the trees in before the Spring.

We need your help. Would you be interested in helping us plant hundreds of trees and learning more about our holistic land management approach? Please contact us/a>

Other biodiversity plans for the site include restoring and fencing off hedgerows to create wildlife corridors, creating wildflower meadows and digging ponds to support amphibians and reptiles. If you are have interests in the local ecology and would like to be involved in monitoring progress, we would love to hear from you.

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