Trees, trees and please

Spare us a morning or afternoon in March

In March we are planting over 1700 trees at our Ilston site. Please can you email us to let us know if you can get your wellies on and come and plant a few trees. We will be planting every weekend in March and need to work out who can do what day so there are enough tools and soup to go around.

Here is our list of trees:

Alnus glutinosa / Common Alder x 170

Prunus avium / Wild Cherry x 255

Corylus avellana / Hazel x 255

Acer campestre / Field Maple x 170

Quercus petraea / Sessile Oak x 170

Sorbus aucuparia / Mountain Ash/Rowan x 255

Salix alba / White Willow x 125

Salix caprea / Goat Willow x 100

Salix alba ‘Vitellina’ / Golden Willow x 100

Salix purpurea / Purple Osier Willow x 100

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