Growing Confidence with Cooking

Because food is not treated as a basic human right in our economy which is set up to create poverty traps for so many on low incomes, we have seen the rise of food banks and hunger in our communities.

Food banks do not offer food security but they do enable survival, particularly when combined with an offer of survival skills.  Claiming benefits is a confusing minefield.  Cooking and eating healthily on a very tight budget is a challenge. Such skills aren’t always taught in school or at home, and many people living with low-income stress feel too overwhelmed and depressed to try.

That’s why we are so pleased that with proceeds from the sales of our green electricity, we can fund great schemes like the Pontarddulais Partnership’s Food and Nutrition project, who receive £1,250 from us in January 2020.

The project provides support to people needing to claim benefits, and needing to rediscover and develop skills in money management, food preparation and basic cooking.  It also ensures that supplies from the food bank get out to those who need them.

Our funds will allow a sessional worker to train and support volunteers, increasing the reach of this project into the local community.

Would you like to support projects like this?

You can!  Simply switch to our green electricity offer or buy shares in our projects.

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