Purchasing goods or services from distant providers is great for them, but not so great for us. 

Hard-earned cash disappears from the area, so while we may be able to get what we need, we may not be helping others in our community to sustain their livelihood.  The chain of economic benefit, in which my earnings become the farmer’s earnings, which become the mechanic’s earnings, which become the local café owner’s earnings, which become the local painter & decorator’s earnings, is easily broken. 

Supermarkets have had a huge role to play in the decline of small farming businesses, and of other small businesses that rely on them.  The knock-on impacts for rural economies have been devastating.  Energy companies soak up masses of wealth.  Bills go up as reported profits climb dizzy heights, and very little of this benefits the local community.

We hope to change this.  By providing essential household energy and keeping the profits here in the local community, everyone can benefit in many different ways.  Our projects aim to keep wealth circulating locally and re-boost the local economy.

How wealth Leaks out of a community

Community Wealth Building – The Preston Model