Wales has set itself apart from England, setting a more ambitions carbon reduction target than England in the Welsh Government’s report, “Prosperity for All: A Low-Carbon Wales”. 

Since declaring Climate Emergency, however, there has been an acknowledgement that even these commitments do not go far enough, and more urgent action is needed to reduce our use of fossil fuels, more quickly.

Homes, industry, business and transport all need to be moved away from fossil fuels and onto sustainable sources of energy such as solar, wind and tidal.  Power and heat both need to be looked at – in the residential sector, that means the electricity flowing through our sockets needs to be generated renewably, and the way we heat our homes needs to move away from natural gas.

Our friends over at Carmarthenshire Energy estimate that if all the investment at UK government level which currently goes into the fossil fuel industry went into the renewable energy sector instead, by 2027 the UK’s electricity supply could all be renewable and by 2041 the total energy required by the UK, including heating, transport and aviation, could be provided sustainably.

In October 2016 it was reported that solar power had provided more electricity to UK homes than coal for the previous 6 months, and, “The last coal generator came off the system at 1.24pm on 1 May,” 2019.  We are very proud to be contributing to this change and providing clean, green power.